Leadership, Organizational Forms, Psychometrics, & Research.


Philosophy of the Mind

I am a trained psychologist with additional instruction and focus in organizational and evolutionary psychology.

I have experience and education in qualitative research, quantitative research, psychometrics, leadership, organizational forms, and advanced theoretical synthesis.


Reality in Deed

I am a therapist and teacher.  Though I have professional experience in each of these fields, I will forever be each as they are innate.

In teaching and therapy I find catharsis and self-healing.  These trades have further broadened my horizon than all my education and professional experience.  Through continual growth down these paths, I find fulfillment and a better understanding of and appreciation for the unique people around me.


Therapist & Teacher

Application of Psychology in Therapy & the Classroom.


Business Consultant, Programmer, Administrator, & Manager.

I Speak the Language of Tech Overlords

I worked full-time for 15 years in IT, paying my way through college as life happened.

Computing is exciting, it is also annoying and painfully unintuitive in most cases.  Luckily, computers and associated technologies come very easily to me.  I remain very aware of their failings and I have never blamed a client for the failure of a computing system to predict what the humans want.


Creations in Reason

I am a philosopher and writer first and foremost.  

Creation in regards to Reason is the purest expression of Spirit. It is my Art.

Writing is how I share my thoughts and so it is who I am.


Philosopher & Writer

Lover of Wisdom. Writer of Universals. Theoretician.